Monday, 25 May 2015

Baby L first giggle!

And I managed to catch it on camera! She is such a cutie, totally melts my heart!

A year ago today

We found out we were expecting baby L and now fast forward a year and she's nearly 4mths old! Where did that year go?!

Friday, 22 May 2015

First taste of baby rice!

Tried baby L with her first bit of baby rice today, just a spoonful which went in around and out several times lol! Not sure she was too impressed.

I know it's early but I'm willing to try anything for a little bit more sleep.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Video of Baby L swimming underwater!

Water babies - our second swimming lesson

We had another great swimming lesson! 

L did 2 underwater swims today, one with the teacher to me and the other I did on my own! I was dreading physically putting her under water myself but it went amazingly well and she was fine! I actually think she knew what was coming and held her breath on one of the times, I think she recognised the cue of 'Lexie, ready, go' 

She did get a little whingy towards the end which I think was a mixture of tiredness, teething and the fact she splashed so much she soaked herself lol! She kicks around so much in the water, constantly! 

She really enjoys the splish splash game we do and today we did a game singing twinkle twinkle whilst she was on her back in the water, this went down well and I think will become a favourite of hers!

No lesson next week as its half term :( 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Our week

Sooo how is our week going? Well the heating is on the blink, normally in May I wouldn't worry but it's bloody freezing and raining lol! Hopefully that will be sorted this week! 

Baby L had her 2nd osteopathy appointment today and it went well again so fingers crossed more progress. I have brought some teething granules as she is really knawing at her hand bless her! 

Tomorrow we have 16wk jabs (yay last lot  for a good while!) then onto baby massage. We missed last weeks as I was having a down day, " hadn't slept all well the night before and I just couldn't get motivated! We are starting another course in June with the local family centre so not overly worried. 

Thursday we have our 2nd Water babies swimming lesson, I'm so excited for it, not sure who's enjoying them more, me or L!! Need to reschedule R's eye appointment as it is the same time as the swimming. 

Friday I have my smear test booked, not the greatest of things to have done but it's got to be done and is very important. I would never miss one as I lost a friend to cervical cancer :( I just do t understand people who put them off or do t get them done at all. Could save your life!

Also got a free 10 minute consultation with a sleep consultant/expert for baby L night waking and lake of daytime nap routine, she will tell me if I really need her help or not! I'm desperate and willing to try anything now! She can wake anything from 2 to 5 times and I'm slowly losing the ability to cope with life!!

Anyway rambled now! Have a good week all :)

P.S if your smear is due, book that appointment :)

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Quick summary of my birth stories

E was born at 36 weeks weighing 6lb 3oz. I was induced due to pre eclampsia and she was born by ventouse in theatre after a long 36hr labour. After a failed epidural and 2 failed attempts at the ventouse I was prep for theatre and given a spinal block just in case the third attempt also didn't work and they would need to do a caesarean but thankfully it did. She was born at 10.11am on 14th September 2002.

K was due on Christmas Day but because of several episodes of reduced movement they induced me a on the 21st December. The hospital admitted me that night and gave the pessary gel, by the morning I was contracting nicely so was taken down to delivery to have my waters broken at 10, I had an epidural and was eventually fully dilated and text to push. K arrived at 6.05pm on the 22nd December 2004 weighing 7lb 4 and 3/4oz after an established labour of 5 hours!

R was 5 days late but felt like 5 weeks lol!  I had been in slow labour for weeks with contractions starting and stopping. I went to be checked on the 28th December at around 3pm to be told I was still not in  established labour and to go home. Got home ran a bath, got in the bath and straight back out again and told hubby I needed to go back to the hospital as things were rapidly progressing. We got back to hospital and I was fully diluted and pushed him out on just gas and air! He was born at 6.47pm on 28th December 2009 weighing 7lb 13oz, we were home by 10pm!

L was born a week early. My waters went as I was making a cuppa one morning and so I took the kids to school and we went to hospital and they confirmed it was my waters as it had been a trickle rather than a gush. I was sent home to await the inevitable, if not I was booked to be induced the following morning. After no further progress I went to hospital the following morning and was given antibiotics and an early epidural because of ongoing back problems, they then started the syntocin drip to start the contractions. By 4pm I was 4cm dilated and by 7ish I was 8cm but the babies heart rate was dropping frantically so in  came the doctors, doctor did an examination and tucked the remaining cervix behind the babies head so I could start pushing. L had her head awkwardly placed so the doctor helped open my pelvis a bit and I managed to eventually push her out. She was born on 28th January 2015 at 9.13pm weighing 7lb 3oz. An ideal labour of absolutely no pain at all!!

Our first Water Babies swimming lesson!

Baby L loved it!
What a fab day we are having, first time rolling over this morning and first time swimming this afternoon! I knew she would enjoy it as she loves having a bath.

The lessons were held in a hydrotherapy pool at a special needs school so the water was lovely and warm just like a bath. There were 10 of us in the group and one of the non swimming staff members offered to take some pictures with my phone which was amazing, we got some good pictures, great for showing daddy later!

First we did some circular activities, and played a few singing games then the teacher took the babies for a swim to meet the other babies in the group individually then the dreaded underwater swim! I was dreading this and hadn't braced myself for it to happen today on our first lesson but it was fine. She was only under water for a few seconds and was a bit taken aback when she resurfaced lol but no crying! I was there to greet her with a big smile :)

Neither of us can wait for next week now. Fab fab fab first lesson!

Baby L rolls for the first time!

Title says it all! Baby L rolled for the first time today aged 15 weeks from back to front, she needed help back again as she got couldn't quite managed it on her own!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Meet our furry friends!

Star, the bunny
 Princess, our kitty

 Roxy aka tuppies

 Twinkle, our silver kitty
 Some of our heffers

Feeling deflated :( (unfortunately not literally!)

I've always been a short petite person and never had a huge appetite, never been one to finish a full meal and could quite easily skip breakfast. 

Even whilst pregnancy I only had a slight increase in my appetite with all my pregnancies but since baby L has been born my appetite has gone through the roof! 

After having her I lost the majority of any weight I had gained but after a few weeks my appetite changed dramatically. 
I have put on at least a stone and a half since then and now weigh 5lb more than I did at 38wks pregnant. I still look pregnant :( 

My whole life revolves around food now, even after eating a meal and dessert I will be hungry 10 minutes later! I have 3 full
Meals and snack in between. 

I feel like I'm in a vicious circle, the more I eat the hungrier I feel! It's a nightmare!  

I took myself to the doctors who booked me for various blood tests to see if the re was an under lying cause anyway fast forward to this morning when I went to the doctors to the blood results.... All normal! Obviously I'm glad  but I am no further forward and starting to feel quite down and even started skipping meals which I don't want to do!

The doctor didn't really know what to say and is going to chat the someone who specialises in hormones and see if there are any other tests she can do but the long and short of it is that I have to go back on a month to be weighed again and in the meantime I just have to live with it!

The change is so drastic in my appetite that I just know something isn't right, you just know don't you, instinct.

So as the title says I'm feeling deflated and I so wish it was literally but it's the opposite! Has anyone experienced anything like this before? My thought were thyroid but all tests came back normal :( 

I will write more positive posts in my blog I promise! I'm not all moan moan moan normally lol

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Sleep! Zzzzzz

Baby L used to be quite a good sleeper! 

From early on i introduced a bedtime routine at 7pm and for ages she slept 7pm to 1am then woke once maybe twice after that before waking at 6-7am. She would take maybe 2/3oz each time as I've found that if I just give her the dummy she wakes again an hour later. 

She went through a stage of waking earlier at around 10pm and then waking every 2hrs after that, I was pulling my hair out and sooooo tired all the time it was stressing me out big time. 

Since the osteopathy appointment we've had some improvement and as it stands she still goes down at 7pm then wakes between 11-midnight for a feed (3-4oz) then again between 3/4am drinking about the same again. 

The other 3 children were all sleeping through by this age (3 and a half months) so I'm really not used to this and finding it had to function of this amount of sleep, look after the house and 3 other children etc! 

Would really appreciate any advice or tips to help, what worked for you? Someone mentioned putting an egg in the bedroom lol?! Right now I'm willing to try anything. 

Monday, 11 May 2015

Tummy time!

At our osteopathy appointment the lady also mentioned that baby L was getting a flat side on one side of her head and gave us various suggestions on how to encourage her to look the opposite way and ways to help try and correct this, one being lots of tummy time! 

None of the other 3 likes being on their tummies so I was quite surprised when L loved it! She is such a nosey baby and this is ideal for her, she also likes her bumbo which I've just started her in, she's still quite heavy headed and after about 2 minutes started resembling one of those nodding dogs you see in the backs of cars lol!

National Child Measurement Programme

Received a letter in the post today from the local NHS trust as they have been to R's school recently. I remember authorising the measurements and as I have no worries regarding his height or weight I did t think anymore of it.

The letter states R is overweight!! This is utterly ridiculous, he is so toned and such an active boy, luckily I know to take the letter with a pinch of salt, what utter rubbish!

I do worry that if someone else received a similar letter about their child who may not be as laid back about it all as me, they may worry their child is not average and take drastic action!

Would love to see the full results of these programmes!! *rolls eyes*

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Advice for a newbie blogger?

I have no idea if anyone is actually reading this so if you are please give me a shout/wave!

I've been reading blogs for a while so thought I'd give it a go. 

Any advice/tips for a newbie please? Any do's or don't or unwritten rules I should know about lol?! 

Thanks in advance :)

BARGAIN ALERT! Children's books

The Works have a huge range of books on offer, 10 for £10! 

Great for birthday presents or party bag ideas for children's parties! 

Grab yourself a bargain and stock up :)

We have progress! Update from Osteopathy appointment!

Wow what a change! 

Baby L is like a different baby, happy and content and her feeding has changed dramatically! She is now taking a full 5oz bottle of milk so quickly every 3hrs so has dropped 1 if not 2 bottles a day! 

This has also impacted her sleeping, she is getting a routine and having 3 proper daytime naps and only waking twice in the night compared to the 5-7 times she was waking!

I'm still going to take her to her next appointment and hoping we can get her sleeping through :) 

Happy baby = happy mummy!! Yay!!

Fingers crossed it continues :)

Thursday, 7 May 2015

General Election 2015

Just been and voted! I'll admit that it's my first time mainly due to not really understanding the parties and policies but thought this year that if I don't vote I'm hardly in a position to moan about any of it!

It's such a touchy subject and everyone has different situations, opinions and beliefs. I find it hard to understand why people discuss who they vote for with anyone as I'm pretty sure it could end in divorce in our house and end many friendships lol!! 

It's hard to decide whether to vote for the party that is best for your own situation or  the majority of people if that makes sense. 

Oh well it will all be over by tomorrow!

Make sure you don't waste your vote by not voting :)

Baby Massage

We started baby massage classes again yesterday, I say again because we have already done the course but baby L slept through most of it as she was 6wks old so I feel it's more beneficial now she's that little bit older.

There were quite a few more mums on this course compared to the last one and apart from me and 2 others everyone seemed to know each other. It was definitely a case of spot the non breastfeeding reusable nappy mum lol MOI lol ;) there was no introductions or interaction so we didn't really talk to anyone, maybe next week.

Baby L seemed to really enjoy it, she fed then looked around a lot, she's very nosey! We did legs and feet this week.

Looking forward to next week:)

Our appointment to the osteopath

I took baby L to the osteopath on Tuesday and so far so good, have booked another appointment so hopefully we will see more progress in the coming weeks.

When we arrived Angela took notes of the problems we are having and some history of my pregnancy and the birth. She held her whilst feeling her spine, pelvis, head, neck and tummy which surprised me as I just assumed it was just cranial osteopathy but she does the whole body which is good.

She asked me if L had ever had an infection in her tummy (L was in SCBU for 5 days or this very reason) and explained that she could have inflammation from this causing her to feed little and often but still be hungry which is why she is ravenous at each feed but only takes a little. This seems to also have caused tension in one side of her neck/tongue which Angela released. 

Angela also brought up about one side on L's head being flat and explained that would have been because her head was in an awkward position on the way out which is correct as I rber the doctor stating this after examining me.

Apparently around this age babies mouth, chin and jaw start to grow onto their face so they lose their baby face and start developing their features more of that makes sense and this could be causing L pain when feeding which could be why she is showing teething signs and clenching her fists up by her face. Hopefully the relieves muscle in her neck will help with this.

Her sleeping and feeding her been a bit better since the visit so fingers crossed we see more progress. 

Will update after next appointment. Keep your fingers crossed for us please:)

Monday, 4 May 2015

DIY Baby Wipes

How cool is this!

A must try though things like this rarely turn out how they should for me lol, never as simple and easy as they look :) 

If you give it a go I would love to hear how it went :) pictures and all ;)

Cranial paediatric osteopathy

I'm thinking of booking baby L in to see someone who specialises in paediatric osteopathy for a few reasons as I'm near the end of my tether and need some help.

The main reason is her sleeping (or lack of!), during the day she cat naps 5- 30mins  a time and at night she wakes up to 7 times where I either feed or pop her dummy in. She is always tired and whingey and never seems content. She is very clingy and crys unless she is being held. 

Her feeding is also an issue, she feeds little and often, 3oz every 2 hours ish, even then she is screaming for a bottle and ravenous when she gets the bottle! 

I know that they may all seem 'normal' baby traits but added together I feel there may be an under lying problem which is why I think a osteopathist may be my answer.

 Have you experienced anything like this? How did you overcome it? Have you visited an osteopathist? Was it worth the money, dos it work for you? Would love to hear any advice you have please :)

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Every parents worse nightmare...

You have to watch this video clip it's a social experiment on child abduction, it's scary but accurate!

I actually made my children watch this too.

I've seen something similar before where a man had lost his dog and asked the children to help find it with him. The children think they are doing a good thing by helping someone!!

This is a worst nightmare for most parents. What do you think your child would do? Will watching this clip make you talk through stranger danger again with your child and maybe show them the clip? 

I also dread my children getting lost in a crowded place, the elder ones know my mobile number but my little boy is still a bit young so I just tell him to find another mummy and ask for help. What have you told you children to do? 

Friday, 1 May 2015

So who are we?

Me- Gemma, 32 years young, wife to Kevin and mum to 4 absolute beauties Ellie, Keira, Riley and Lexie. I am the boss in our house,  I love my soaps, I'm addicted to social media, love reality TV and reading gossip mags and autobiographies, I'm currently a stay at home mum as Lexie is only 3mths old and my job was working nights as a call handler for the ambulance service. However due to Hubby's job and having a baby working nights is not practical so I will be looking for another job when I'm ready to go back to work.

'The hubby' Kevin is 40 this year and works in the agricultural industry. He works very long hours especially during the summer and loves shooting, fishing, rugby and the mighty Arsenal! He is very much into his taxidermy, we have lots of trophies on our walls much to my dismay.

The eldest daughter Ellie is 12, she started secondary school in September and has grown up loads since then. She has always been a very sensible, loving young lady and since baby L has arrived she's really come into her own, a proper mother hen! She's very helpful around the house and with the baby. We are very similar, same sense of humour and wit and neither of us like talking about our feelings much, preferring to bottle them up! She is also the worlds biggest giggler, always laughing about something! She loves cheerleading and gymnastics and is constantly doing the splits or a handstand!

Keira, is the middle daughter and is 10, she is a petite little thing with gorgeous curly long blonde hair. She is the messiest unorganised person I know and lives in leggings! She loves her music and is always listening and singing away with her headphones on. She is quite shy and quiet in front on others and when you first meet her but then you can't shut her up lol! K is super caring if you are upset and always the first to offer a cuddle.

Riley is the only boy, he's 5 and has the most gorgeous big brown eyes ever! He is such a loving boisterous boy who loves socialising and playing on his ipad. He has additional needs and will always be slightly delayed with his peers. He has only really been talking just over a year and since starting school and having 1 to 1 support he has come on leaps and bounds

Lexie is the baby and is 3mths old. She has a head full of hair and totally has all of us wrapped around her little finger already. She dotes on Ellie and always has a smile for her even if she's been a totally whingebag all day!